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Need a complete solutions to host your Extranet and to link all your business partners in an intelligent way ?

No budget or resources to setup your company Extranet ?

Need more than a brochureware site ?

This is exactly what we do: Inexpensive, reliable, and small messaging solutions for small businesses.

A group of academic researchers first introduced the web at the CERN, Switzerland in 1993. Originally developed to share their research findings, nobody then believed that this technology would take over the world in less than 3 years.

Much has changed since then. The web is no longer restricted to publishing research findings. Commercial sites publish all kinds of information and provide a variety of services by using the web as a gateway. These services mainly distribute information but today are continually evolving to progressively more complex services and applications.

The "Web Revolution" as we know it is now key for end users and corporations alike. For end users, the internet offers rich application features without the pain of installing, setting-up and configuring their PC or local workstation. For corporations, the internet removes the complexity of managing costly client platforms, allowing companies to concentrate on their business logic in a more efficient manner.

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