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Whether you want to setup your Extranet on your corporate LAN/WAN or with your ASP, we will provide you with the means to do so. Our solutions have a wide range of support and user level services.

Hosting Solutions
- Virtual hosting on shared Smartdesk Application Server
- Dedicated Smartdesk Application Server
- One monthly fee
- No limit on total number of users / bandwidth / transfer
- 24/7/365 Maintenance
- End User Support
- Administration Support

Starting at $2,000 per year

CPU Solutions
- One physical host
- Unlimited license for the Smartdesk Application Server
- One time fee
- No limit on total number of users / Usage
- Installation / Setup on your Corporate LAN / WAN / ISP
- 12 months Online Maintenance
- Administration Support
- Optional End User Support (Extra)
- Extended Online Maintenance (Extra)
- Interface Gateway with Windows NT Servers

Smart Hosting

Small organizations need to have an Internet presence. Current ISP solutions for small businesses, however, are inadequate and limited to brochureware sites and a few e-mail addresses. The Internet can do more for small businesses. Why not have a place where your people could meet and interact and use the internet as a real tool? A place where they could come back, participate and have online activities related to your business? A static online brochure doesn't permit this necessary interaction. Hosting for small businesses is the perfect solution for you - Easy set-up, easy interface, low monthly fee, no hardware cost. Smartdesk Hosting will place your company on the cutting edge of high-tech, without the associated high costs.

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