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Whether you're an ISP, a VAR, or another business, your duty to serve your clients and offer them value added services has become a priority

Smartdesk's vision is to help ISPs, VARs and corporations with a plug-and-play solution that will respond to their priorities.

Because Extranets are complex to build and maintain, outsourcing some of its basic functions to a professional service provider can prove to be an effective strategy.

Outsourcing to is especially attractive to small businesses whose limited resources and time cannot be wasted on developing full-scale IT solutions such as Extranets.

We provide a full suite of services to help all kinds of organizations set-up their specific Extranet solutions.

Currently there are two ways for licensing Smartdesk Application Servers:

- Hosting: Application Servers are shared with others or are dedicated to your organization. One monthly fee covers software licensing, maintenance 24/7/365, hosting, end-user support, and administrative support. This is the perfect solution for small businesses and organizations. We also provide a co-branded version for ISPs.

- CPU-based: The Smartdesk Application Server is hosted on your corporate network or by your local ISP. A one-time fee covers software licensing, hosting, support, and online maintenance. The perfect solution for a large, corporate LAN or WAN where a large number of users can connect.

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