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The Thin Client Architecture

The Web has recently become the center stage for the Thin Client concept. The Thin Client Architecture is not a new idea, in use by graphics terminals and XWindows Terminals since the 80s. More recently, the Oracle Network Computer initiative used the Java platform (another universal technology from Sun Microsystems, Inc.) with proprietary technology to bring the thin client concept to corporate IT.

Because the web is an open standard, it has succeeded where proprietary technology failed. Still the success of the web will rely on the quality of services that the Web Application Servers will deliver. The web is becoming more of a mean than a product strategy.

Our Application Server, Smartdesk, brings you the services you have been looking for. Thanks to its ease of use and portability, it is the perfect candidate for those looking for a plug-and-play solution that brings rich services and flexibility to its end users and administrators.
The New Technology of the Web.

One important feature of this technology, is its universal availability. First, its protocol is an open standard and is available to any vendors who wish to implement the technology in their products and services. Second, the technology is available on every client platform making it a universal client for connecting to Application Servers wherever there are. Lastly, and thanks to the Internet, the technology is available everywhere, whether it is in businesses, home, or public places like a cybercafe or a service bureau.

Because of its universal appeal, the technology is bringing people to connect more often and to do more things online. The technology has further brought greater flexibility to mobile users and "road warriors" in particular. It is now possible to check e-mail messages from a remote location or look at your schedule online, possibilities reserved until now to large corporate users.

People are connecting more and more to our service Our users connect to our service and can store all kinds of documents, receive and send messages, post important notes to private forums, save their address book / contacts and their bookmarks / favorites, and share their documents with favorite members.

It is probably the best platform for mobile users who always want to stay in touch with their personal information while they are away from their desk.

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